Valentine’s Week Review

R and A worked on writing the valentines for their school. Each had to write their own name and twelve of their friends’ names. We focused on writing each letter in the correct pattern, from top to bottom and left to right. We talked about who we loved and those feelings that we have when we love someone. We talked about the new vocabulary for the week.

R used the following:

R worked in her ABC book and reviewed letters using the Fundations letter formation guide that she got from school. She also did ABC paths and worked on tapping out words. Here is a video example that shows tapping out words.

R also worked on 3 part cards from Musing of Me and Over the Big Moon

R reviewed her word families sorting and writing.

R counted numbers by Over the Big Moon. She counted it once then pointed out her own error.

R did a color by sight word by The Moffat Girls for Valentines. It used the words with, yes, and like.

R watched Meet the Sight Words 1, She spoke each word and then wrote the sight word 3 times as it appeared on the screen. A and M join in the watching as well.

A used the following:

A did spend some time this week on the computer and on her Leapster 2. She enjoys having many different things to work on. A worked on puzzles, spotting differences, sorting, and size sorting from Over the Big Moon: Valentine’s Day Pre-K Pack and 2 Teaching Mommies Valentines

A loved working on her Mead Early Learning Snip It, Stage One, 12 x 9 Inches, 34 Count (54040) book. She is working on better scissor skills.

A has been working on pre-writing and and mazes.

A made a heart for preschool. She decided to use water colors.

A had fun with the Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards. She did several patterns and then did her own creations.

A did the counting maze and number cards and number matching.

M used the following:

Part of the week M did not do much because she was sick. When she was feeling better, she wanted to work on her Tot time book. M pulled it out several times during the week. She even wanted to do it during her Early Intervention speech time.

M worked on some of her pre-writing.

M also worked on matching her farm animals and their sounds, color names and sorting, and also some Valentines matching.

M did a cookie cutter painting while her sisters where in school and also painted a heart with A.

Other Projects

We made Valentines shirts.

We made Stained Glass Hearts.

Valentines Day they all got heart pancakes on heart plates and loved it. Each was so happy to have their pancake. They wore their new Valentines shirts and headed off to their classes.

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