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Reading Fun in the Sun

Reading Fun in the Sun is the combined work of Royal Baloo and 3 Dinosaurs. It will have a collection of 8 Units for the summer. It has over 60 pages total activities for Sight Words, Word Blends, Digraphs, & Dipthongs.

***Be sure and read the blog posts about how to use the units.***

Sight Word Units contains some of the following: word puzzles, word mazes, write your own sentence with the sight word, find the words in a story, fun with shapes, bingo, color by sight word, craft words, connect the words with a dotted line, spy words, read, write, build, stamp, word paths

Word Blends, Digraphs, & Dipthongs contains some of the following: Beginning, middle, or end; color by sound, fill in the blank, matching, and tic tac toe.

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Unit 1:

Sight Words: after, his, may, of, stop
Word Blends, Digraphs, & Dipthongs: br, sk, str, ch-, ow/ou

Reading Fun in the Sun Unit 1

Unit 2:

Sight Words: ask, fly, had, open, them
Word Blends, Digraphs, & Dipthongs:cr, sm, spr, -th, th-, ph

Reading Fun in the Sun Unit 2

Unit 3:

Sight Words: an, has, let, once, thank
Word Blends, Digraphs, & Dipthongs: dr, sn, spl, sh-, -tch, oi/oy

Reading Fun in the Sun Unit 3

Unit 4:

Sight Words: by, give, her, just, then
Word Blends, Digraphs, & Dipthongs: fr, sp, bl, sl, R controlled vowels

Reading Fun in the Sun Unit 4

Unit 5:

Sight Words: could, how, put, think, were
Word Blends, Digraphs, & Dipthongs: gr, st, cl, wh-, oo (as in zoo)

Reading Fun in the Sun Unit 5

Unit 6:

Sight Words: again, from, old, some, walk, round
Word Blends, Digraphs, & Dipthongs: pr, sw, fl, -ch, oo/ou (as in book)

Reading Fun in the Sun Unit 6

Unit 7:

Sight Words: any, every, know, over, take
Word Blends, Digraphs, & Dipthongs: tr, scr, gl, -ck

Reading Fun in the Sun Unit 7

Unit 8:

Sight Words: as, going, him, live, when
Word Blends, Digraphs, & Dipthongs: sc, squ, pl, -sh

Reading Fun in the Sun Unit 8

Reading Fun in the Sun Sightword Bingo

Reading Fun in the Sun Sight Word Bingo

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